Our Terms

Cancellation Policy


In the event of cancellations of SSI events, or if a member wishes to cancel attendance at an event, or their membership, the following apply:

A membership subscription is for a whole year, and no part of it is refundable.

The AGM is free to all members, so refunds do not apply.

Capital Letters tickets are partly refundable: if you have to cancel up to 60 days before the date we will refund half of your ticket price. After that date no further cancellations are accepted.

Study Days involve payments to third parties which we would not be able to recover. The value of internal tuition costs allocated to each student varies with the number of students and these can be refunded at a per capita rate provided at least 60 days notice is given. Other costs will not be refunded if you wish to cancel your attendance. Please discuss any such situation with the administrator of your course.

In the rare event that the SSI has to cancel an event for which you have paid a ticket price, we will refund 100% of that price. We will not refund any costs associated with your attendance at that event such as rail fares or hotel accommodation: please make sure you have travel insurance to cover any large amounts.