Letter Art


Bespoke Artworks

Considering a Commission

The following pointers may be of assistance if you are thinking of commissioning a piece of work:

1 Have a look at a range of work on calligraphers’ websites to get an idea of possibilities and whose work you like

2 Think about what you want: there are many possibilities and the calligrapher will be happy to advise and discuss

3 Time-scale: state the deadline from the outset and please leave as much lead-in time as possible.

4 Your budget: For a one-off piece, having some idea of your budget will help the calligrapher to suggest options. For items such as invitations/envelopes/place cards etc, each calligrapher will usually have a price-scale which depends on content, quantity, time-scale, materials. Please remember that additional design changes may incur additional cost. Postage, travel or delivery are likely to be additional to the cost of the calligraphic work itself.

5 Provision of ‘rough designs: The calligrapher may provide samples of writing styles and will usually be happy to provide you with one or two ‘roughs’. You discuss whether this is part of the overall price. Usually payment will need to be made for the ‘rough’ if you choose not to continue or where major alterations are required. Otherwise the cost of ‘rough’ designs is usually included in the overall price.

Finding a Scribe

Fellows who accept commissions

If you think you would like to commission a piece of work the following fellows accept commissions, so fee free to get in touch with them directly.