Italic Hand Correspondence Course

The Italic hand is one of the most important in the calligrapher’s repertoire due to its formal elegance and its capacity for variation.

The SSI is pleased to offer a new downloadable course of eight lessons on the Italic hand that is suitable for the complete beginner or for those who simply want to improve their skills. For each lesson, there is a short video, demonstrating clearly how the forms are made; an invaluable aid to learning to write well.


Announcing a new distance learning course on the Italic hand

Watch the introduction:


The course content is:

  • Lesson 1: Skeleton letters, spacing
  • Lesson 2: Analysis of Bembo’s sonnets, double pencil letters
  • Lesson 3: Beginning to write with the pen
  • Lesson 4: Consolidating formal italic, writing with smaller nibs
  • Lesson 5: Writing a finished piece, beginning to vary the italic form
  • Lesson 6: Continuing variation, serifs, cursive italic, slope
  • Lesson 7: Pointed italic, varying the branch point
  • Lesson 8: Combining variations in one form, interpretation

Alongside the lessons you will receive a comprehensive introduction to tools and materials you will require and information sheets on layout, writing finished work and interpretation.
The course is open to both members and non-members. The cost for members is £400 and for non-members it is £440.

On purchasing, you will be sent an email with a link to download the course literature and access to the videos.
You will be assigned to a tutor who will guide you through the lessons, marking your work, providing feedback, examples and encouragement. All tutors on the course are experienced SSI Fellows.