Words Made Beautiful – Centenary Exhibition 2022

In 2021 the SSI celebrated its 100th birthday by mounting a major exhibition of work by Fellows and Lay Members, together with significant historical pieces held at the Crafts Study Centre. Its first venue was the Mall Galleries in Central London and it then went on to be shown in Stockport and Swansea. 

The exhibition reflected the diverse work of SSI members, including traditional pen work and illumination, modern manuscripts and artists’ books, artworks using fabric, painted, carved and printed lettering and 3D work. Visitors to the exhibition in the three venues were delighted by the range of work on display. 

You can now buy your copy of the exclusive Centenary Catalogue in our Shop.

A big thank you to the wonderful team working tirelessly in the background to ensure that it came to pass – Julie Chaney, Sharon Shaw, Vivien Lunniss, Nikolay Valchev, Alma Swan, Cindy Shaw,  Janet Smith and Judith Porch.