Goose Feathers (Set of 10)


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10 strong goose feathers (from the front of the wing) - ready to be cut into quills for calligraphy.   They are white and clean but not cured.  The barrels are very straight, therefore fine for left and right handers.

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Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 cm

2 reviews for Goose Feathers (Set of 10)

  1. Peter Robinson

    I just received a pack of 10 fine goose quills. There was some delay in the post and when I contacted SSI they were most apologetic and understanding and immediately sent me a replacement pack. Very helpful indeed! I am not a calligrapher, (although I love beautiful-looking writing,) but an artist who likes to draw as the old masters did using quills and reeds. These quills supplied by SSI are perfect for my needs.

  2. Sue Hufton

    The set of feathers I bought cured well and cut cleanly to make very good quills. The barrels are smallish in diameter and perfect for narrower sized nibs but if wide nibs are cut from the side of the barrel, they can be made suitable for both wide and narrow quills.

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